Get our SAVIC® CRM single user version preinstalled on a USB flash drive.  Take it where ever you go! 

SAVIC® CRM Flash Drive

Get our SAVIC® CRM single user version preinstalled on a USB flash drive. Take it where ever you go!

Run our CRM software from any Windows computer that has a USB socket.

Our preinstalled application uses only 42MB of space which leaves you plenty of room to store over five million customer records as well as thousands of customer documents on a single 8GB flash drive. 

SAVIC® CRM Flash Features

CRM Module

CRM Model
Company Selection

SAVIC® allows you to create as many as 1000 companies with multiple sales outlets in each company. Once a list has been created you access it from here.

Import Contacts

Import Modual
US / foreign contact import

Import all your existing sales contacts or CRM leads from any CSV list using the Import Contacts feature.  


Export Module
Export contacts to a CSV

Export SAVIC® contacts can be done using the easy to use export module .

Import Inventory *

Import Inventory Module Import Inventory from CSV 

When creating a new company you can import all your inventory items including the Finished Goods Accounting Codes.

Trade a List

Trade a List Module

This is a special module that can export and import an entire sales list documents and all.   If you are a list reseller you can create lists to sell to SAVIC® users.

List To List

List To List Module

This module allows you to transfer contacts and documents from one list to another.  You can run a filter to transfer or copy just the records you want from one list to another.


Maintenance Module

SAVIC® has its own builti-n Maintenance module to fix and repair data files or other data stored in SAVIC®

List Clean-up

List Cleanup
Remove Duplicates

List Clean-up provides the SAVIC Administrator with a way to remove duplicate contacts from lists after you import new contacts.  You can also remove records with blank fields of data.


System Module
Create a new company

The system module is where you create a new sales contact list or sales company for your organization. You can create or remove CRM lists or companies using this module.


Security Module
Assign users access

The security module is used to assign security access to users in your sales force.  You can create security access groups and assign multiple users to the groups you create.


Registration Module
Register for license

The registration module is where you will register the software by filling out the requires user license information. Once you register the software can be issued a license based on your needs.

Document Management

DocuLink and SAVIC Word

SAVIC® comes with its own Word Processor and it also has a way to email marketing information to customers. Store any customer related documents using DocuLink-TM.


Callback Tracking Module 

Get a way to track customers requiring a callback. You entire sales team can work as a group to assist in handling and tracking who needs to be called back with the dates and times.


Appointment Module
Set sales appointments

Your sales team can set appointments for customer to your location or other locations.  You can also assign people as appointment setters.  Generate detailed appointment reports.

Event Planner

Corporate Event Planner

Use the Corporate Event Planner to create and track events that pertains to your sales team and other important corporate events or trade shows.

Send Email

Simple Send Email

Send email calls Microsoft Outlook and automatically populates the current customer you are on with that email address.


Customer Notes

Quickly add or view notes for the selected customer.  You can Time Stamp each conversation with the users name as well as date and time of each conversation.

Page Up/Down

Page through records forward or backward

Just about all SAVIC® screens use a feature Page Up/Page Down which lets you move forward or backward record one record at a time in the program.

Add Contact

Add, Edit or Delete sales contacts or potenials

You can easily Add, Edit or Delete any sales contact in any of your lists or companies using a set of simply to use features.


Search for people or companies multiple ways

SAVIC® provides user with a very diverse and simple to use record searching capability.  You can locate customer many different ways.

Creat Filter Codes

Make Codes Feature
Creating Custom Codes

The feature Make Codes allows the sales manager to define up to 15 custom sales filter codes which can then be assigned to CRM contacts in a list by the sales team.  

Assign Codes

Assign Filter Codes to sales list contacts

SAVIC® has a quick and fast way for telemarketers to assign filter codes to users in you sales list.  Assigning codes allows users to filter sales contacts by these codes.


List Filtering 

This is one of the best and fastest customer filtering system on the market.  Create hundreds of different filters and name them for reuse by users. 

Map Location

Map Customer Locations

Map locations can be used to view the customer location using a map.  Your sales and shipping team will find this feature useful they are required to ship items or visit the customer.

Website Lookup

Customer Website Lookup

Just clicking the website button will pull up the customer website using your default browser.

Send Text

Text to Phone

If you have a customers cell phone SAVIC® gives you a way to send a text message to the customers cell phone.  SAVIC® provide a cellphone carrier lookup feature which will be used to send text to the customers cell phone.

Browse Customers

Browse Customers

SAVIC® can browse millions of potential customers or customers in grid view.  You can select any customer or change the order of the grid data with a simple click.

SAVIC® CRM Flash Technology
is Simple to Use and Supper Fast

If you’re a sales person that just wants a quick and fast easy to use solution SAVIC® CRM Flash Technology is the right product for you!

SAVIC® CRM Flash is a full running version of our SAVIC® CRM software which includes a full word processor preloaded on a USB thumb drive for the sales person on the go. Generally this product is best suited for a single sales person that has a Windows laptop or tablet and that person is on the road where internet access is generally an issue. 

Field Sales People are moving around but want full access to all information about all customers and potential customers including all documents for these customers.

They want a simple to use interface and they don’t want to be stuck with a remote access solutions that only work sometimes. They require access to information where every they are especially when they are out in the field meeting customers.

Don’t Get Buried In Paperwork Get SAVIC® CRM

Just ClicknGo

Just plug in the flash drive and click on the SAVIC® CRM EXE file and log into the software. Add or make changes to customers and track issues, set appointments and create documents or attach documents like PDF files to customers etc. Its all done on the flash drive nothing to install. When you get back to the office simply put the USB flash drive into your desktop computer and use it in that computer.

Having it all on a thumb drive lets you move it freely from machine to machine with all your customer information and documents intact. 


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