SAVIC® Appointment Module

SAVIC® CRSF Customer Relations Sales Force appointment module gives users the ability to easily track appointments for any customers in your lists. SAVIC Appointment module give the user a full 24 hour view of you daily appointment while at the same time it also displays every day in the current month using colored dates to show you when you the days you have appointments. Printing or emailing your monthly appointment schedule has never been easier.

Appointment Screen

Appointment Module Screen

Every user can set their appointments or have a dedicated appointment setter set their appointments when needed. SAVIC gives users a full 24 view of their appointments. Savic displays a small calendar on screen with colored days to show a user which days have appointments. Orange days indicate there are appointments for that day. When you select the day the calendar day color changes from orange to green. Green indicates the current selected day, also multiple appointments in the same day show colors the same way.

Browse Appointments

Grid view all your appointments

Bring up a grid to view all your appointments. Change the order by selecting the header at the top of the grid. By default the appointments are ordered from oldest to the newest

Map Appointments

Map feature brings up the map of your appointment

You can select the MAP button to display a Google map of where your appointment is.

Print Options

Print reports or email reports of your appointments 

SAVIC gives you a several appointment reports that you can choose to print or email or send to a folder as a PDF. SAVIC has its own PDF writer to generate PDF to folder. Special managers appointment report can be generated for the team leader.

Tag and Print

Appointment Module Screen

SAVIC provides a nice way to print a range or appointments or you can use the Tag and Print feature in SAVIC to print a report with just the appointments you select. You can send the report to email, print it or use the SAVIC PDF to folder option. Block tagging is also included.

Appointment Confirmations

Send appointment confirmations

You can always send a customer the appointment confirmation. SAVIC uses TEXT only appointment confirmations to avoid getting trapped as SPAM by various email scanners.

SAVIC is Designed to Run Your Business

SAVIC® software was originally designed for the agricultural industry where people don’t have the time or the computer skills so it had to be easy to use.