Download a 30 day trial version of the software. 

SAVIC® CRM Download Trial Software EXE File

After downloading the software and installing it you need to register to get the Trial License.  A trial license can be changed into a full license once its purchased.


This document contains the steps to install the software and register the software. Call if you need assistance.


This overview contains 60 pages of the SAVIC-CRM software product. Its purpose is to provide an overview of many key feature of the CRM software.

SAVIC® Questions and Answers

This document contains answers to many common questions and some not so common Q&A.

SAVIC® CRM Flash Overview

This is the SAVIC-CRM Flash Overview.  It also contains a one page set up steps used to run the software directly from a Flash Drive.

About the Download and Install Procedure

Download a 30 day trial version of the software. After you have it downloaded click on the setup file and the SAVIC-CRM program will be placed in your C: Drive using the path C:\SAVIC-CRM. The program will start and you will get a license message because you need to register the software before you can run it.

You will need to register the software to run the demo. The software will take you to a registration screen where you will fill in all your registration information and then you will be asked to send it from your email program. It will automatically bring up your default email program so that the registration file can be sent to us.

Once we process your registration file we will send you back a full 30 day trial license file. Place the license file in the C:\SAVIC-CRM\LIC folder and you can then run the program by logging in with the user name “admin” and the password “savic”. You will then have a running version for 30 days. At any time you may purchase the software and we will send you a new license file. Licenses can be purchased for any number of days as well as the number of users you want if you intend to install it on a Microsoft Windows server platform. No reinstall is necessary our software trial becomes a full working version with a proper license file.