SAVIC® Inventory Module 

The SAVIC® CRSF Inventory module is simple to use and supper fast when filtering.   Create new Merchandise inventory items and assign them Account Codes to filter them by.  Quickly create discount pricing brackets as well as discount sales tiers A B C and D for customers you want to give special discounts to.  

Create your own product sheets using build in SAVIC® Word or just attach manufacturers product sheet PDF files to items.  Override pricing and create special extended descriptions using a feature "Override Description".  Print several types of barcode labels for items including 2D.

Retail Software

Inventory Module

Scroll And View Inventory

The SAVIC® Inventory Module was designed to allow fast scrolling up and down like a spreadsheet.  When an item is highlighted in the bottom grid the details for that items are fully displayed above on screen.  The grid also details important key information when scrolling like how many items are Backorder, Dropship Item, In Stock, On Order and Date Expected.  You can also send a quick inventory shortage report by email to team members.   

Filter Inventory

Inventory Filtering And Search

SAVIC® gives you super fast inventory filtering methods where you can see availability and other important information while running the filter before selecting.  You can quickly display and search only items in stock or just dropship items or items with zero in stock.  Set a primary filter based on the types of items you need to review (category filtering).

Inventory Product Sales Sheets

Create SAVIC® Word Documents or Attach PDF Files

After you have added items into the inventory module you can easily add product sheets for those items. SAVIC® allows you to create custom documents using SAVIC® Word or you can attach any PDF file to an item. The item above was created using SAVIC Word. It is 100% MS Word Compatible. If you have a manufacturers PDF spec sheet or other product information you can also attach these to an item. These product sheets can be emailed or printed for customers that require more detail about the item they want.


Simple To Use 

The SAVIC® Inventory Module Includes SAVIC® Word which you can use to create product Sales and Service Sheets like the example above. SAVIC® is fully compatible with MS Word. Open any Microsoft Word Documents using SAVIC® Word. You can open DOC, DOCX, DOTX files or create new documents. Touch ready word processing. Insert tables and modify table background or format as well as cell colors. Full table functions and features. Full paragraph formatting features, page numbering and image insertion. Insert text boxes into your documents or use dozens of simple button press features.

Manage Inventory Account Codes

Create and Modify Account Codes

Whether you create new account codes or need to modify existing account codes SAVIC® makes it easy for you to do that directly from within the inventory module.  Account codes allow users to filter on inventory items or service items. You can think of account codes like inventory category filtering codes.  Quickly filter just the types of products you want to view and or make changes to.

Discount Pricing Brackets

Discount Tiers and Discount Brackets

Each customer you set up will be automatically assigned tier A be default. Discount tiers are used to provide you with a way to automatically discount customer based on the type of customer tier they belong to. Tier A might be Retail, B could be Wholesale, C could be Distributor and D might be International Distributor.  Setup price discounts based on the quantity they purchase as well as by price tiers. When you have a price increase or decrease all of your price matrix prices are automatically adjusted by the amount you change.

Print Options

Print Invoice Options

SAVIC® Print Options will give you a nice way to pick the type of inventory labels you want to print and it will also give you a way to fill in the number of labels you need to print. 2D Barcode labels and other types of barcodes can be printed easily directly from SAVIC®. Print or email inventory reports.

Print Inventory Barcodes


Print out Barcodes with the stock number and a description or print them with no description.  

Inventory Reports

Generate EMail Reports Fast

SAVIC® generates important reports to show you what items are not in stock and how many items you have in stock.  11x14 reports can provide lots of information to let you know the status of your current inventory.  There is also a 8.5x11 report that provides important inventory information.

2D Inventory Barcodes

Print 2D Barcode Labels

SAVIC® provides you with the ability to print out a 2D barcode that contains lots of information about the item.   This label is a larger format and it also provides you with product details such as weight, how packaged and if its by case or single unit, gallon, or any other measurement type it might be.

SAVIC is Designed to Run Your Business

SAVIC® software was originally designed for the agricultural industry where people don’t have the time or the computer skills so it had to be easy to use.