SAVIC® CRSF The My Location Bill From Module is used to setup multiple sales outlets for your company which include a way to set the tax rates for each of these outlets.

You can create a separate installation at each location on a separate server if you cant afford any downtime or you can create one master company that has several outlets under that company list. This module allows you to set up the Main Address or Parent Company address as well as all the other outlet addresses you have.

Each outlet you have can then have its State and City and Local Sales Tax rates set under each module. When you are required to collect sales tax because items are purchased by customers at one of your outlets the Sales Tax Rate for that outlet will automatically be applied to each invoice unless the customer is Tax Exempt. 

Ship From Address 

My Location Address Module

You can enter all of the outlet locations here in this module. Once you have entered in the address you can assign the proper sales tax rate for this outlet.

If sales tax has never been setup yet you can select the Tax Module to create all the State, City and Local sales tax rates for the address you sell from. 

Same Tax As 

Same Tax As Selected Outlet Helps Assign Tax Rates Faster

If your company has multiple locations and you need to set the tax rates for some of your other outlets in the same city and town you can use the Same Tax As Selected Outlet Feature.  This allows you to select one of your existing sales outlets that has already been assigned sales tax rates.  You can select on of your existing sales outlets and it will apply the same tax rates as sales outlet you select.  
You can always make changes or set each outlets tax rates up by selecting tax rates from the Tax Rate Selection grid.

Sales Tax Module

Setup Sales Tax For Your Outlets

This SAVIC® module is where you setup all the State and Local taxes that you will be applying to customer’s orders when they come into your outlet to purchase items or services. You can setup Sales Tax rates for Products or services using this module. Once the rates have been setup you will assign those rates to each of your sales outlets so that proper sales tax gets applied when a customer purchases items.

Sales Tax Report Custom Report

Generate Past Sales Tax Reports or Custom Reports

This filter feature allows you to be able to rerun past sales tax reports and select or change sales tax report periods if you have the need to generate a customer Sales Tax report.

Tax Reports

Print Your Tax Reports

There are 4 basic reports that you can select when its time to run your sales Tax Reports. Current Period Sales Tax Collection and Prior Period Sales Tax collection are the main choices. Sales tax reports are based on the Accrual basis which is required by the State Sales Tax Reporting Unit. If you’re current Sales Tax Reporting period is set to Quarterly then the report will contain all sales from products and services less exempt sales and other special Out of State sales you may not be required to collect. You can also change your Sales Tax Periods to match your State Reporting requirements as they change.

Sample Sales Tax Report

Sales Tax Report Sample Output

SAVIC® generates the Sales Tax Reports for you based on your Tax Reporting Period for your outlet. It collects and reports all sales for items and services and breaks out how much sales was from an item verses a services as required by many US states. If you ship items to a customer certain States may require you to collect Sales Tax for the location you ship the item to. This means you may be required to collect city or local sales tax as well as State Sales Tax. SAVIC® can generate these types of sales tax breakdowns for you in the report.

SAVIC is Designed to Run Your Business

SAVIC® software was originally designed for the agricultural industry where people don’t have the time or the computer skills so it had to be easy to use.