Questions & Answers 

Q&A SAVIC Engineering and Performance

How many SAVIC® CRM lists can you make in SAVIC® ?   1000

Can SAVIC® CRM run on a Server?  It was engineered to run on Microsoft Remote Desktop / MS Terminal Server platforms or a single machine and even a flash drive.

How many records can a list hold?   About 3.7 million records per list.

If I have field service or sales engineers all over the world can they access the same platform?  YES

Is this a web based software?    NO it is faster then web based software and was engineered better then IIS, JAVA or other such platforms.

Does it require an advanced team of network engineers to install and configure it?   NO it was engineered to be one of the easiest server installs.  Its like an object, we wrote the code to run from a container.  It has all the working parts of the program and data in its own folder unlike many other complex CRM products on the market that require complex SQL backend’s and IIS integration.  We have been doing Enterprise deployments for decades and we don’t write code like that.

How fast can I search to find a customer in a global list that contains records from 10 countries with hundreds of thousands of records? About 1 Second

How much space does it use?    SAVIC® CRM is designed to be extremely fast with a small footprint. 1MB of space will hold 1400 records. 100MB of space holds about 140,000 Records. The Basic program and a small list use about 42MB.

If I wanted to search for companies that drill oil and a single CRM list has 3.5 million different types of companies in it but there are only a few oil drillers say about 1000 how much time will it take to display these 1000 records?    About 1 second.

How long does it take to install SAVIC® CRM on a Server?  About 5 minutes

Compared to other CRM products how easy it to use SAVIC® CRM?    It’s has a simple to use set of buttons displayed on the right side as a menu. The buttons are marked clearly as to what they do and the interface has been tested for ease of use. It has one of the fastest search engines in today’s market and it quickly gives you fast filtered records so that you can email customers and make sales calls based on your filters. Paging up or down the records is a simple press of a button or you can browse a stack of records fast. Detailed searching and filtering are also supper easy to do.

Keeping the user interface simple in its design is one of the most important attributes. Simple design and usage reduces your training cost which gets your sales teams up and running faster which cost you less money when running the product.  

Q&A SAVIC Flash - Thumb Drive

Could it run from a thumb drive?   YES it can! If you had 3.5 million records it only uses about 2.5GB of the thumb drive.  This also includes documents which you can create in SAVIC®.

Q&A SAVIC Connecting Remote Users

How do my remote sales and service people connect to the software?  They connect using a VPN connection to your Remote Desktop/Terminal Server, Citrix Server or GO-Global Server where the product is running.  Using a VPN Encrypted connection users connect from home or on a laptop when out in the field.

We have a large company with many divisions and they are in different parts of the world, can they use this software?    YES

We have multiple divisions with different data centers for different countries.  Can we install software at each division?   YES we also have a special install where you can run multiple copies of SAVIC® CRM on the same server for different divisions if you need that type of installation.

Are you saying I could run 5 installations of SAVIC® CRM on one server and each install can have 1000 lists with a potential of 3.7 million records x 1000 x 5?   YES Correct

Q&A SAVIC Document Management

Does the document management system work with Microsoft Office?    YES

If I already have documents I created in Microsoft Word how can I use them with my customer?    SAVIC® can open existing Microsoft Word, .DOC .DOCX DOCM etc. You can also copy and pastes from a word document into SAVIC® Word retaining the existing format.

If I create a document in SAVIC® Word can I open it in Microsoft Word?    YES

If I create a document in SAVIC® Word can I send the document not as an attachment but as a formatted Outlook document?   YES just press one button. 

If I create documents in SAVIC® Word can I create my own Templates for repeated use?    YES

If I create a document in SAVIC® Word can I send the document not as an attachment but as a formatted Outlook document?   YES just press one button.

If I create documents in SAVIC® Word is it possible to preview the content without opening the document itself?   YES

How fast can I scroll up and down the document names and see an instant preview of a SAVIC® document?   The second you click on or highlight any document name the preview occurs.

How long does it take before the document opens if it had been created in SAVIC® Word?  About  1 Second

If I have 50,000 customers in my SAVIC® CRM list and I have created lots of documents for each individual company how long will it take to see just one companies documents?    SAVIC® documents are displayed and already filtered for that customer the moment you select that customer. Documents are all prefiltered based on the selected customer.

If I have a single customer that has 100 or 200 documents just for that customer how long does it take to find a document if I type in the name?  About 1 second.  Each letter you type in the search box auto filters documents the instant you start typing a letter, and each letter you add narrows the filter of documents displayed in an instant.

How many folders are there to store documents in?    8 Customer Folders, 8 Template Folder and 8 DocuLink™ Folders.

Can you explain more about the folder and document storage?   SAVIC® was designed to reduce employee training and time to run by creating a simple fast and unique document storage system.  When you create a new SAVIC® CRM List you will be able to create folders that reflect categories or departments for your company.  These folders could be all sales folders such as Rig Division Sales, Oil Tool Sales, General Sales, etc. or folders could be Field Support, Field Service, Field Reports, Product Sales, Service Sales, Customer Service, Product Specifications, Safety Regulations etc.

If I have a list of 10,000 customers and I select one customer to work on would I need to filter though a pile of documents to find this customers documents?    NO! Its already filtered for just that customer.  The user sees only documents related to that selected customer.

If I have documents that have already been created in different applications like Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, Open Office, and PDF files and or Reports people have created in other applications how would SAVIC® CRM help manage all these documents?    SAVIC® CRM has a special feature called DocuLink™.   DocuLink™ has two different ways to link documents to a specific customer no matter what you created the document, image, video, spreadsheet or report in.

Can you explain more about DocuLink™?    We have a button on the screen called Create External Link which allows you to browse on your network and select a file and that file will then be linked to the selected customer.   This allows you to keep the current security of that document as it was but its linked to this specific customer.  Now when you view documents in SAVIC® DocuLink™ you can have hundreds of documents linked to a specific customer like in this example.

What is the second method of handling documents in SAVIC® Doculink™?    The feature called “Copy And Link Document” is the most used feature for handling documents created with other software. This feature allows you to browse to any document on your network and select it, once you select a document SAVIC® will copy that document into a folder within the SAVIC® CRM List you have created.  The folder will be automatically created and then any future document you click on using this feature would all be placed into this folder for that customer.  The names of the documents are displayed in our document grid for the selected customer and you can scroll up or down the list or search for a customers document.

What if I need to email a document to a customer how does my staff find the documents that have been copied into these folders?    The user just selects the document they need to email and then presses a button to email the document, image, spreadsheet etc. Its smart enough to put in the customer email address, subject description and the files are attached and ready for you to press send. 

Can you tell me about the feature Tag Then Email?   Use the SAVIC® Tag Then Email feature is used to quickly select multiple email recipients that will receive any SAVIC® CRM Word Documents, SAVIC® Word Templates or SAVIC® DocuLink™ Documents.  These email address will be a Blind Carbon Copy so no email recipient will see another email recipients email address.

SAVIC® has a Block Tagging feature which allows you to TAG block of emails in a row which it colors orange (see below). Single record tagging is displayed using a grey bar. You can turn the Block Tagging feature on and off when you select people to email. Once you have selected everyone you need you just press eMail Tagged Records button.

But what if I also have other people in SAVIC® that I would like to email the same document to?  TWe have a feature called “Tag and Email”. You can select customers by clicking on as many as you want before you press the button send email.  This adds all the customers you selected into Microsoft Outlook as Blind Carbon Copy recipients so these recipients never see each others email address.  This is all automatic you just press a button and SAVIC® does everything for you!

Can you talk about the way folders names are created?    You can quickly name Customer Folders, Template Folders and DocuLink™ Folders using your own names. This is a per list feature.  Once the folders are named you would have no need to rename them unless you change your operation around but its very simple to make a change. You use this feature when you first create a new list. Once the folders are named then its just a matter of adding the types of documents into the folders where need based on your customers. Below you can see an example of folders that have names under them. Notice the 8 folders from left to right. The sales letter folder is Yellow because it has document in it for this customer. Folders with No documents are Grey colored letting you know nothing is stored there yet. The Green check mark displays the folder you currently have selected.

It looks simple to use but what I require tables or other more advanced features like Frames or Columns?  SAVIC® has a full set of features that can be displayed by selecting the buttons PS = Page Size, PN = Page Numbering, lA = Image Adjustments, PF = Paragraph Format. In addition to these you can also right Click to display these features.

Q&A SAVIC Appointment Setting Module

We have a pretty good sized sales team but our corporate office books a lot of the appointments for the sales team because they are out in the field. How can people at the corporate office book appointments for the sales team in SAVIC®?    There is a feature called “Switch User” that allows authorized SAVIC® users to switch to any SAVIC® user and book appointments for them. Generally the person is called an Appointment Setter.  This feature access is controlled by the security module. This feature allows the Appointment Setter to review a sales persons appointments and appointment times quickly so that they can properly set an appointment for a sales person out in the field.

The appointment screen was designed to display a full 24hours for a sales person. The screen also has a calendar view so that they can see days where they have active appointments. Each appointment that is selected instantly displays the full appointment detail information.

Q&A SAVIC CRM / Sales Screen

If I have several people in sales how can I make sure each person works in the States and or Countries we need them to be in?     SAVIC® has a Sort Filter screen shown below that allows a manger to setup any combination of filtering for your users. It can only run from the CRM screen but it can be setup from the security screen or the CRM screen. You can create the filters you need and then you can save that particular custom filter as a named filter for later use by users.

For example, if you need a filter for United States - New England you would select United States and then select the States you want for your New England Filter and any additional filter options. That filter might have states like New York, Long Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island. You select these states from the state dropdown menu and they are displayed as a selected state viewer. Once you save this filter as a named filter users can select it.

In the security module you can also assigned this new filter you created to any users and make it that users default filter. Each time that user selects that same list it will run the Named Filter you assigned that user. SAVIC® also has multiple way to lock users into assigned filters. This locking feature is called “SAVIC® Filter Locks”. Locks are turned on or off by Administrators for a filter. Once a lock is turned on a user will not be able to turn it off. This means that user is forced to use the filter with restrictions. Simple fast and easy to deploy for a manager or Administrator within SAVIC®.

Q&A List To List Transfer Module

We purchase lots of potential sales lists but after we conduct prescreening we would like to tag the contacts that have the best potential and then put all of them into a master list. How could we do this using SAVIC® CRM?   SAVIC® CRM has a feature called “List To List Transfer” which would allow you to transfer just those high potential leads from your prescreen list into a master list. The process begins with creating a Sort Code called “High Potential” or whatever you would like to call that special sort and filter code.

There are 15 custom Sort Codes you can create in each list. Simple create name High Potential and then during your screening process select that code for that special contact in your list.

When your done calling and the screening process is over you simple use the List to List screen (Shown Below) to transfer all the High Potential sales leads out of the From List into the master list. The button “Use A Filter On The Data Being Transferred” would be selected which brings up the SAVIC® Filter screen allowing you to select the Sort Code High Potential from the list of available Sort Codes.

Once you save the selection you are back on the screen below where you then decide to Combine, Copy and or Transfer these contacts into you Master list. When your ready you just press “Begin The List To List Transfer” and this process transfers all of the High Potential customers into your master sales list.