SAVIC® Return and Allowance Module

The SAVIC® CRSF Returns and Allowance Module provides a way for you to issue a return item credit to customers with or without a customer account.  The existing invoice or order is pulled up and a credit can be issued based on an item returned. The customers account gets issued a credit if they have an account.  SAVIC tracks all credits issued on accounts as open credits and it also has an open credit ledger that is used to view all open credits for a customers account which gets applied against new invoices automatically.

In the cases where you get a customer complaint about a quality issue you can issue an Allowance Credit rather then take the product back. Invoice Allowances are also used when you need to issue a credit on a service performed.  If you bill a customer for a service but the customer is not satisfied with the result you can issue an allowance to that original invoice and then that issue is trackable. 

Create a Return Invoice

Sales Invoice Return Item

The SAVIC Invoice History Module is used to view all sales orders and invoices and you can apply a return item credit to any item on an invoice that does not already have a return posted to it.   SAVIC provides a fast way to create item returns and apply a credit allowance to items on an order or invoice.  It tracks the items being returned and auto adjusts inventory.  The software also allows you to set a return change if you require a return item chargeback. 

Return History

Returns History

The SAVIC return History module provides a way to let you quickly browse thousands of returns invoices for review or selection.  There are layers of filtering that can be applied and the returns module can always look up a return using a RMA invoice number.  The RAM number can be scanned in or typed or selected when paging through or browsing returns.

Return History Browse Returns

Browse Returns History

The SAVIC return History module provides a way to let you quickly browse thousands of returns invoices for review or selection.

Filter Return Invoice

Invoice Return Filtering

YYou can quickly scan for any return invoice that has been created by your sales or customer service team. You can quickly isolate all returns from any specific customer by clicking on a customer’s company name. This pulls up all returns for that company. This filtering is used in combination with the primary CRM Module filtering.

Returns Invoice

Return Invoice Print Option

Print your returns invoices to a Printer, PDF, eMail, or use the PDF to folder feature. Return invoices look just like an invoice and show the return credit issues as well as any additional Tax Credits or other adjustments.

Return Invoice TAx Credit Detail

SAVIC® Tax Detail

SAVIC® is one of the only software products that detail the State and local tax breakdown. SAVIC® prints out a special Sales Tax Detail page that show the entire tax breakdown based on the sales tax collected during the time of sales.

SAVIC is Designed to Run Your Business

SAVIC® software was originally designed for the agricultural industry where people don’t have the time or the computer skills so it had to be easy to use.