The SAVIC® CRSF Invoice History module is used to create new invoices or view existing invoices from your company sales team. SAVIC® has a very easy to use invoice that works directly with Finished Goods Inventory to generate line items for the invoices you create. Sales Tax is applied to the invoice based on where the invoice is shipped unless its tax exempt in which case no tax is applied.

Invoices created in SAVIC® have the ability to generate sales tax broken down into Sate, City or Local tax. If an sales invoice is generated at one of your sales outlets (POS Point Of Sale) the tax for your sales outlet is applied to the invoice. If the sales is shipped to a customer in a different town then that location tax rate would be applied to the invoice.

Browsing invoices and locating past invoices for customer is a simple process that is quick and easy. The invoice filtering designed in SAVIC allows you to use a one button selection to view Only Paid Invoice, Todays Invoices, Only Invoice on Account, Only Backorder Invoices, Only Dropship Orders, Only Services Invoices, Only Unshipped Orders to name a few. Filter invoices based on the company name you type into the filter as well.

Retail Software

Sales Invoice

Sales Invoice History Module

Use this module to view all sales orders and invoices that get created by your sales team. Sales orders only become and invoice after they have been shipped. SAVIC® generate POS orders, Pickup Order or Shipped Orders. It auto-creates backorders, dropship order, pickup orders and Services orders for you automatically using a process called invoice splitting.

Browse Invoices

Browse Customer Invoices

Take advantage of using the Browse customer grid to view all invoices based on your current filters in SAVIC®. You can click any of the browse grids headers to reorder the invoice in the grid.

Filter Invoices

Invoice Filtering

The invoice history filter was created to give users fast quick one button clicks to filter invoices by several different filter conditions. The filtering system was created to be fast and give you quick results so that you can review customers order or invoices and check to see if orders have shipped or not shipped.

Credit Terms

Company Credit Terms

The invoice credit terms popup allows the sales managers to setup the credit terms for each company in your list. You will be able to set Net Terms, 30, 60, 90 or custom days until due as well as Early Payment Discount Percentage, Late Payment Charge Percentage, Cash Payment Discount Percentage, Credit Card Surcharge, Quantity Discount Price Matrix Tiers A-D.

Order Cycle

Order Cycle and Special Order Cycle Widnow

SAVIC automatically separates invoices based on if it has inventory in stock. If an order is created with Dropship Items, Backorder Items or Service Items SAVIC will break the order into as many as four separate order. The order Cycle window allows the sales and shipping department a view of how the order was split. Splitting invoices into these groups allow a dropship team or backorder team to pay attention to these orders.

Print Options

Print Invoice Options

At the time an order is completed Outlook will be called and the customers orders will be auto attached to the email for the customer. The sales rep can choose to Print, Email, Generate PDF to Folder or do all of these when an order completes. If orders were split into Fillable Orders, Backorders, Dropship or Service Orders these can all be emailed at any time using the Order Cycle Feature.

Dropship Order

Ship and track new orders

SAVIC® automatically creates as many as four types of invoices from a single order, In Stock Items, Backorders, Dropship Orders and Services. When you save the order SAVIC® automatically uses invoice splitting to breakout these four types item types into up to 4 separate invoices. This lets your teams track shipments of backorder items, dropship items and service work separately from items in stock that can ship from your warehouse.

Print Sales Tax Detail

Print Sales Tax Detail

SAVIC® invoice print a tax detail page that shows all Tax Breakdowns such as services, parts, and shipping. 

SAVIC is Designed to Run Your Business

SAVIC® software was originally designed for the agricultural industry where people don’t have the time or the computer skills so it had to be easy to use.