SAVIC® Sales Ledger Payment Ledger
Return Ledger and Open Credit Ledger

The SAVIC® CRSF Sales Ledgers Module provides the accounting and sales teams with 4 primary ledgers

Sales Ledger is used to display all the invoices from newest to oldest.

Payment Ledger is used to display payments of customers invoices.

Returns and Allowance Ledger is used to display customer RMA credits

Open Credit Ledger displays the details of any customer that has overpaid or has an excess in RMA credit on their account.

Run reports and graph sales for multi year sales comparison. Simple yet versatile graphs and reports. Loads of filtering options as well as ease of use.

Invoice Sales Ledger

View Sales Ledger Balance Due Fast

Accounting and the sales team will make use of the realime data directly on screen.  Quickly see if invoices are paid in full, part paid or not paid with the balance due for each invoice.  Quickly see shipping charges, tax totals and which outlet or division the sales were made from right on screen.  When your ready to print a report just select print options to print out many reports or charts for the sales ledger and payment ledger.

Invoice Payment Ledger

Invoice Payment Ledger Show Detailed Payments

The SAVIC payment ledger is a great way for accounting to see the number of payments made against any invoice at a glance. One the left side of the screen the Paid column shows if an invoice is paid or not paid but it displays the number of the payments the customer has made for each invoice that has been issued multiple payments. 0 = No Payment Made yet, 1 = One Payment Made, both 1 and 2 = Two Payments made etc.

Payment types are also broken out showing you just what form of payment was used for the transactions, Check and Check Amount, Credit Card, Crypto, Cash, Open Credits, and Discounts Taken. When recording a payment from a customer selecting the Pay Invoice button provides a quick and simple way to record multiple payment types. 

Return and Allowance Ledger

View The Returns ledger For Customer Credits

The Invoices that have a credit applied are displayed in this ledger.  This ledger shows invoices that have returned items and an allownce credit applied to a invoice.  Quickly view the different months to see the totals of the items returned.  Use the Return Invoice Filter to get more granular and print out a returns ledger report.

Open Credit Ledger

Order Cycle Invoice Breakout

At the time an order is placed by the sales team some items may be in stock, backordered, Dropship, or service items. SAVIC® separates all 4 of these item types on to separate invoices. Because SAVIC® has already separated your items onto individual orders your fulfillment team can focus on completing orders in stock fist and when completed that order becomes an invoice. Because SAVIC® separates backorders and dropship items you could have dedicated teams to handle these orders.

Ledger Invoice Filtering

Filter Invoice Dozens of ways

SAVIC® provides many ways to quickly filter invoices so that you can view All Unpaid Invoices, Only Paid Invoices, Todays Invoices Only Invoices On Account Only Backorder Invoices and All Paid Invoices This Year. In addition to these filter options you can select customers in the Filter Grid to just view only a single customers invoices. Run that filter and the ledger will display only the customer invoices for the selected month or you can view the entire year’s worth of a customer invoices and run a graph on those customers’ sales.

Ledger Reports and Charts

Chose To Print Reports Or Charts

SAVIC® has an excellent set of sales reports as well as a very nice set of sales charts. The charting feature provides you with super fast chart rendering with an almost endless set of colors to choose from. Pick the type of chart you want to render with one click and then adjust the colors and transparency.  Send the charts to the Printer, PDF to Folder, or eMail them to team members.

Sales Invoice Ledger Report

Print, Make PDF, Emal, Any Ledger Report

SAVIC® uses a Just like paper software screen design when viewing data.  The same look is also created in the ledger reports.  Using SAVIC® filters you can determine the granularity of your reports.

Sales Invoice Payment Ledger Report

Payment Ledger Report Monthly or Yearly

SAVIC® uses a Just Like Paper software screen design when viewing data. The same look is also created in the ledger reports. Using SAVIC® filters you can determine the granularity of your reports.  The reports can be generated for each month or for the year for a single outlet or all outlets.

Monthly Sales Charts

Sample Donut Chart

SAVIC® charting give you several chart type selections from an easy pick dropdown menu. Once you have selected the chart type you can quickly select dozens of chart colors from the easy color pickers. If you would like more or less Depth you can simply change the depth to make your chart more flat rather then 2D as shown above. If you want your chart to be more or less transparent you can also adjust the level of transparency.

Monthly Sales 2 Year Comparison

Create Charts That Compare Years of Sales

Run several sales reports that graph out Two, Three, Four, or Five Year Sales Comparisons. Pick the report comparison you would like to use, pick the type of chart you want, select a color from the color picker and print it. SAVIC® gives you simple fast printing.

SAVIC is Designed to Run Your Business

SAVIC® software was originally designed for the agricultural industry where people don’t have the time or the computer skills so it had to be easy to use.