SAVIC® Service Project Module 

The SAVIC® CRSF Service Sheet Project Module is used to track hours from employees when either a single employee or teams of employees are working on any project that involves tracking charges to a customer by the minute, hour or even a flat fee service charge.

The Service Service Project Module can be used to track custom built projects for shop employees at you facility or field service technicians at customer sites.

SAVIC® has a very easy to use service module that works directly with service item inventory. This module allows you to generate line items for the service sheets you create. If the State, City and or Local region requires sales tax collection sales tax will be applied on the services performed along with a running total of hours for each project.

Once the service project has been completed you can press one button to generate an invoice for your customer. The sales manager and make adjustments to date and times for employees that forget to clock in or out during the project default hourly layout. 

Retail Software

Service Sheet

Service Sheet Module

Use this module to view all Service Sheet Projects that get created by your sales manger.   This module can be used to track services from one or many users over the course of many days or weeks.   SAVIC® Service Sheet Projects can be turned into an invoice ready to send to a customer when you want to give the customer a invoice for the services you have preformed.  Easy to use Service Sheet ADD/EDIT features gives the manager a quick and fast way to add or adjust clock in and out times from employees.

Service Sheet View Billing

Quicking View Service Billing Layout

SAVIC® provides with a View Billing layout so that you can just press one button and see the Service Sheet with the line item charges that the customer will be paying when an invoice gets generated. If the Show Billing button is pressed once the Service Sheet displays a view of the line items charges and dollar amounts on each line item for the services performed. If it’s pressed again it switches back to the default hourly layout.

Add Or Edit Line Items

Adding or Make Changes Quickly

The Service Sheet Line Item screen allows you to add or edit existing employee clock in and out times for any project that is not closed out.  In the top part of the screen you can browse all the types of services you have created and then add any of these services as a line item for a customer.  The bottom half of the screen are the line items that have been added to the Service Sheet.  Once a item has been added you can set the Clock In and Clock Out times for the line item.  Some line items may be also billing as a Flat Fee and those items will not display Clock In or Out Times as shown above.  A separate Time Clock module can be used for for larger companies that require employees to Clock In and Clock Out where they conduct work.

Service Sheet Line Item Add\Edit

Simple To Use 

The bottom half of the screen above allows a manager to view all the line items for a Service Sheet.  These line items can be adjusted if needed, a simple clock in and out Time Selection window provides fast adjustment for a manager when employees for get to clock out or in on a project.  SAVIC® Lets the manager adjust any of the field in blue or even reselect the type of service an employee has performed.  If you need a new service a manager can setup new services using the SAVIC® Service Setup Module.

Filter Your Service Projects

Service Sheet Project Filtering

The Service Sheet Project Filter can be used to give users fast quick one button clicks to filter Service Projects by several different filter conditions. The filtering system was created to be fast and give you quick results so that you can review customers service projects you have completed and any current service project that is still running.

Service Setup Module

Simple To Use 

SAVIC® has a smart interface that provides simple and fast ways to create all your service account codes that will be used to create your line items.  The account code you create in this module will be used when your employees clock in and out on the jobs they need to complete.  You create the account codes using a simple popup window called Manage Account Codes.  

Make Invoice

Make An Invoice From Any Existing Service Project

SAVIC® can generate a sales invoice from any existing Service Sheet Project you have made for a customer.  With the press of one button SAVIC® will copy the entire Service Sheet into the sales order module and then update and then close out the project upon save.  Before you save the Service Sheet that gets copied you can make any last minute adjustments before saving it as a new order.   The Make Invoice feature saves time and money because it automatically copies the services sheet information into a invoice for you with the press of one button.

Print Options

Print Invoice Options

You can choose to email any Service Sheet Project to other team member or a customer at anytime.  You have choices to generate a PDF file use the PDF to Folder Option, you can Print to a Printer, or you can email a PDF of the project to anyone you choose.   If you choose to email the Service Sheet Outlook will be called and the customers Service Sheet will be created using SAVIC's® own PDF generator and the PDF will be auto attached to the email.   SAVIC® has its own Built-in PDF generator to create PDF files for you.

Printed Service Sheet With Barcodes

High Quality Service Sheet Generated in SAVIC®

SAVIC® generates high quality professional looking service sheet with two bar codes types. These barcodes can be used OCR scanners used for invoice payment systems. Our high quality service sheet give your sales team the professional image your company deserves.

Print Sales Tax Detail

Print Sales Tax Detail

SAVIC® Service Sheets will print a tax detail page that shows all sales tax breakdowns when you are required to collect Sales Tax for services conducted.   You can also press the Sales Tax button which will pull up a Tax Detail window shown above.  This provides the Sales Tax breakdown of City, State and or Local tax charges.

SAVIC is Designed to Run Your Business

SAVIC® software was originally designed for the agricultural industry where people don’t have the time or the computer skills so it had to be easy to use.