SAVIC® Shipping Module

The SAVIC® CRSF Shipping Module provides order tracking and order filtering in a number of ways.  Your shipping department can filter orders using different filter options making it easy to get orders isolated for customer pickup, backorders, dropship, or all todays orders not shipped.  

Ship orders

Ship and track new orders

You can set the SAVIC® order filter before filling orders to make it easy to see the order that haven’t shipped yet, and then you can page through the order and pull and process items to shipments. The software has simple to use clean screens for shipping that look just like a paper order.

Browse  Shipping Orders

Browse Orders Based on Your Shipping Filter

Take advantage of using the Browse customer orders grid to view all invoices based on your current filters in SAVIC®. You can click any of the browse grids headers to reorder the invoices or orders in the grid.  The default order in the grid is set to Invoice number where you see the most current orders pulled to the top of the grid.

Shipping Order Filter

Filter Orders in the Shipping Department

The filtering for shipping has simple to use one click choice which instantly orders what you see in the filters grid. Each time you change a filter option the grid instantly updates its content for you. Click on a customer in the filters grid and only those customers orders are displayed in the grid making it easy to see just how many orders that customer has instantly.

Shipping  Order Cycle Feature

Order Cycle Invoice Breakout

At the time an order is placed by the sales team some items may be in stock, backordered, Dropship, or service items. SAVIC® separates all 4 of these item types on to separate invoices. Because SAVIC® has already separated your items onto individual orders your fulfillment team can focus on completing orders in stock fist and when completed that order becomes an invoice. Because SAVIC® separates backorders and dropship items you could have dedicated teams to handle these orders.

Ship Items Window

Ship Items with detail line item information

SAVIC® shipping has 2 methods to close out an order as shipped. You can choose to select Ship All Items in which case all items on this order are marked shipped and the order is saved as completed creating an invoice. You have a second option to select separate line items which give you a granular view of the item and details about that item where your sales team can also mark some items as a canceled item. All canceled items are displayed in the cancel items grid with the date and time they were canceled so shipping can see why the order has changed. Shipping may also have a bad item count which means they can only part fill some items, SAVIC® accommodates these conditions.

Ship All Items

Ship All Items On This Invoice

SAVIC® has a fast ship button which allows the shipping department a fast method of marking the order as completed and shipped.  using the Ship All Items button will mark all line items on this order as shipped.  Once the order has shipped it is automatically turned into a invoice and appears in the sales ledger.

Print Options Packing Slip

Print, Make PDF, Emal, Packing Slips

Print Options allows several ways for the shipping department to print packing slips which can be used to fill order and attached to the boxes for the customer.  These can also be emailed to the customer by shipping or sales.  The packing slip bar code allows shipping a fast way to pull up an order to be marked as shipped as well.

SAVIC is Designed to Run Your Business

SAVIC® software was originally designed for the agricultural industry where people don’t have the time or the computer skills so it had to be easy to use.