SAVIC® CRSF Customer Relations Sales Force Ship To Module is used to set up multiple Ship To as well as State Sales Tax for each ship to location. This module provide a way to be able to setup the State Sales Tax for each of the customers locations.

When the ship address has been assigned the proper State and local taxes these State Taxes would be applied to the invoice if products are shipped to that location using the rates you set.

Ship To Address 

Ship To Address Module

You will can enter all of the Ship To addresses for this customer here. Once you have entered in the address you can assign the proper sales tax rate for this Ship To address using the tax selection grids. If sales tax has never been setup yet you can select the Tax Module to create all the State, City and Local sales tax rates for the address you ship to.

Same Tax As Selected Customer

Same Tax As Selected Customer helps assign tax rates faster

Pick other customers you already put into your Ship To Address Module as a template to assign the State and Local Sales Tax rates of the new address you are adding.  This feature makes it fast to enter the tax rates for a customer in the same location as the new customer ship to address you are adding.

Sales Tax Module 

Create and setup State Local and City sales tax rates using this module

This is the module is used to setup all the State, City, and Local Sales Tax rates for all the sates you sell to.  This allows you to not only setup State Tax rate but city and local sales tax as well.